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Published! NY Literary Magazine’s “AWAKE” Contemporary Poetry Anthology

We are excited to announce the publication of our latest poetry magazine! The NY Literary Magazine’s “AWAKE” anthology contains a selection of outstanding, modern poetry by both emerging and award-winning poets from around the world. Enjoy reading deep meaningful poems, poetic thoughts and memories, sad poems about Read More

NY Literary Magazine’s “ECHOES” Anthology – Collection of Modern Poems with Deep Meaning

The NY Literary Magazine thanks all the talented poets for submitting their poems to us! After reading through hundreds of poetry submissions, we have published a selection of the finest contemporary poems in our latest poetry anthology titled “Echoes”.

“Echoes” is a poetry collection featuring today’s most remarkable, modern poetry by both new and award-winning poets of all ages and nationalities.
In this poetry magazine, you’ll find deep meaningful poems about life and living, sincere poems about thoughts and feelings, dark & sad poetry, as well as an inspirational poem; along with complimentary striking paintings.

This poetry book is available as a print magazine and as a free-to-read digital magazine. Download and read for free Read More

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