Most major fiction book publishers don’t accept unagented manuscript submissions.
What to do if all the literary agents you contact turn you down? It can be very discouraging.
Some authors think without an agent they no longer have a chance to get published with a big publishing house.

Luckily, there still are a few significant fiction book publishers who accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.
Here is a list of five top fiction book publishers now accepting unagented fiction manuscripts.

Happy querying, and good luck!

Turner Publishing

Turner Publishing publishes a wide range of genres. With several imprints specializing in everything from children’s books to genealogy, your manuscript is likely to fall under one of Turner’s many areas of specialization. Turner is a fast-growing publisher and receives a high volume of submissions, but since they accept queries from agents and independent authors alike, they’re worth a look.

Chronicle Books

Chronicle publishes a wide range of books, from fiction for young readers to cookbooks and sketchbooks. Though they only contact authors whose projects they’re interested in, they accept manuscripts from all authors. Check out their list of titles to get a feel for their spirit.

Harvard Square Editions

Harvard Square Editions is run by alumni of Harvard University and publishes “environmentally and socially conscious fiction” in a range of fiction genres. Though HSE has a somewhat niche focus, one of its authors, S. Li, was selected in 2016 as one of five young writers of fiction with promising careers. HSE’s value for literary aesthetic, then, makes it a good home for a book with an environmental or political angle.

Lee & Low Books 

Lee & Low accepts manuscripts for young people and has imprints for middle grade and young adult readers and for younger and beginning readers. With a focus on diversity, Lee & Low is motivated by a mission to represent racially diverse characters in books that “all readers can enjoy.” Be sure to follow the specific manuscript guidelines for the appropriate imprint if you submit.

Quirk Books 

Quirk Books identifies itself as “strikingly unconventional,” so if your book has a fresh style or perspective, Quirk might be the publisher for you. Quirk’s submissions page includes guidelines for who to get in touch with about your manuscript based on the genre and feel of your book, be it a sci-fi book for young readers or a literary novel for adults.


Good luck publishing your fiction book!