Are you a gifted writer or poet? We want to hear all about you, what inspires you to write, and what you’ve written so far!

The NY Literary Magazine invites talented writers and poets of any age and nationality to share their writing experiences, advice, and inspirational stories with our readers.

Please only partake in this interview if you were invited by one of our staff.
If you came to this page by accident and would like to participate in an interview, please contact us first.
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Writer Interview

  • Did you self-publish any books or publish your books with a traditional publisher? What was your publishing experience like? Would you recommend other authors to self-publish or seek an agent and publisher?

    Have you been published in any literary journals or magazines? Have you written any articles which have been published?

    Are you planning on publishing a book?
  • Write about yourself and your books or other literary works you've written. You can promote your books/poetry here and add links to pages where readers can buy your books or read your published works/poetry.
  • What was the worst thing someone ever told you? How did you deal with your first bad review/rejection from a publisher/agent? Did your teacher or parents ever put you down or discourage you from persuing your dreams?
  • Describe what your ideal writing space looks like. When do you feel most inspired to write? Are you a night owl?