In the 70s Amina Eapen’s family went to India to visit her grandmother and uncle. But after an eventful night, the trip is cut short, but it continually haunts the family. Now, nearly two decades later, Amina’s father is talking to dead relatives.

Amina is now a photographer, a former photojournalist who now photographs weddings. She is facing a crossroads in her job and life, unsure if she’s really happy with what she is doing when she returns to her home in New Mexico to figure out what is wrong with her dad. In the process, she reflects on the events of her life that brought her and her family to where they are now. Surrounded by her past, forced to confront things that she had thought had been buried and done with, all while trying to navigate her life and family.

Mira Jacob brings to life colorful characters, capturing familial bonds and struggles. The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing tackles issues of death and touches upon issues of race and families who don’t want to be helped.
With some dark themes, Jacob weaves humor and lightness into the story, wrapping readers in an enthralling narrative. With characters like Amina’s born-again mother Kamala, her father, Thomas, who appears to be losing his mind, and all the other strangely wonderful characters, it’s easy to fall in love with Jacob’s creation.

The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing particularly hits on things that feel unique to Indian immigrant families, yet are universal enough for anyone to feel connected to Amina.

The story is a bittersweet one as any story about confronting the past would be. Painful moments come up, and yet there is also moments of love and connection.

Jacob writes a truly compelling story about a family confronting their skeletons and their attempt to heal themselves.

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About the Author Mira Jacobs

Mira JacobMira Jacob is Indian American author, born in New Mexico.
She founded Pete’s Reading Series, a weekly event for authors to read their works to literary fans located in Brooklyn.

The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing is Jacob’s first novel.
She is currently working on a graphic novel, set to be published in 2018.

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