Enjoy reading our interview with award-winning author Lucian Barnes.

In his interview, Lucian talks about his career as a horror writer, things which inspire his terrifying stories, and his latest horror book Fractured Reflections.

About the Author Lucian Barnes

Outpost by Horror Author Lucian Barnes

Hello, fans of everything that goes bump in the night! My name is Lucian Barnes, and I’ve been writing horror/fantasy novels for several years. I am always looking for creative ways to terrify my audience and pride myself on the ability to keep readers on their toes. Expect the unexpected because nothing is off limits.

My latest work, a book of short stories called Fractured Reflections, will take readers through a whirlwind of terror consisting of demons, ghosts, zombies, vampires, and fairytales gone wrong, as well as many other tidbits of the twisted constructs of my mind.

The inspiration for these types of tales comes from basically everywhere, although most frequently while I slumber. Many would consider such nighttime visions to be nightmares, but to me, they’re just dreams.
I’ll often wake during particularly vivid ones to jot down bits and pieces of my experience, or perhaps just a detail that stood out which had the potential to spawn a story.
Other times, I find inspiration in discussions with readers, especially when a person dares to tell me what terrifies them the most. In those cases, you can almost guarantee I will find a way to use the idea.

While many readers have a propensity to compare my work to Stephen King, I feel the only real similarity is the subject matter of my writings. In my humble opinion, I believe my stories tend to have a more gruesome edge to them … similar to what someone might expect when watching a horror movie.
No, not the PG-13 types, where the main objective is to make an individual jump. I’m talking about the R-rated stuff, the bloody, gory, cover your eyes, I think I’m going to be sick kind of horror.

Do I have your attention? Or, perhaps you’ve run off to hide from the inevitable eyes you feel watching you?
If not, and you’re still with me, I would be honored to see you pick up one of my books.

To purchase Fractured Reflections and other books by Lucian you can visit his Amazon page.
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Q: At what age did you start writing?

I began writing stories at an early age, which I believe was perhaps around the time I was ten years old. Back then, they were mainly inspired by Scooby Doo cartoons and Hardy Boys books.

Q: What was your first book writing experience like?

The first actual book that I wrote, Desolace, was a grueling, two-year journey. The length of time it took for me to write it was primarily due to my compulsion for perfection. I was naive about the literary industry back then, and how things were done. I had a nasty habit of editing while I wrote, which slowed production considerably. Since then, I’ve learned to keep each phase of creation separate. In other words, get the story out first … then worry about fine tuning it.

Q: What kept you going…?

When times are tough, and you feel like there’s more negativity surrounding your work than positive comments, there always seems to be that one fan or friend that says something encouraging to keep me on track. Besides, the voices in my head wouldn’t allow me to stop writing, even if I truly wanted to.

Q: Are you a full-time or part-time writer? 

I am a full-time writer. At this point, I have twelve books on the market.
I consider myself to be a horror author, but my stories often contain elements of fantasy or science fiction as well.

Q: What are the titles of your other books? 

Desolace, Haven, Outpost 13, City of the Dead, Cemetery Hill, The Tree of Life, Throne of the Gods, Destined for Darkness, EL-204, Wasteland, Desolace – Omnibus Edition, Fractured Reflections

Q: What are your current projects?

My current project is the first book in a new series. Upon its completion, it will be like a blending of Star Trek, Alien, and Lord of the Rings. I know … strange combination.

Q: Do you suffer from writers-block? If so, how do you overcome it? 

Back when I first began writing novels, I would frequently be troubled by writers-block. Since then, however, I figured out a way to get past it. Primarily, it seemed to be brought on when I wrote on a daily basis and it appeared I was burning myself out.

Since then, I’ve begun taking weekends off, like everyone else with a “normal” job does. Writers-block hasn’t reared its ugly head since using this tactic.

Q: What’s your favorite environment for creativity and productivity? 

Most call it a writing cave, but I prefer the term “torture chamber”. In reality, it’s just a home office that I can sit in and shut the rest of the world out. Peace and quiet, in other words, so I can hear the voices better.

Q: Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits? 

Perhaps my biggest quirk when writing pertains to my hair. I have extremely long hair, which I normally keep tied back in a ponytail. While writing, however, I let it down. Maybe some part of me believes that ponytail holders restrict my muse from coming out.

Q: Where do you sell your books?

Primarily online retailers like Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble, but regular book stores can order print copies for consumers as well.

Q: Tell us about your self-publishing experience…

When I first entered the literary world, it was as a self-published author. Initially, it was a choice made for the sense of accomplishment, to validate the fact that … hey, I wrote a book that the whole world can enjoy.

On the positive side, self-publishing allowed me to get my work in front of an audience quickly and retain a greater percentage of royalties. There is a down side to it, however, as I soon learned. Self-published authors are often looked down upon as inferior to those who took the long road, using agents to find a reputable publisher.

Currently, I have four books under contract with Anchor Group Publishing.

Q: Have you won any book awards or writing contests? 

I won an award from Kindle Hub in 2014 for best horror series.

Q: What are you really good at and love doing aside from writing?

Anything I set my mind to, I quickly become good at. I learn things extremely fast.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Sleep, but the voices in my head rarely accommodate this desire. The characters in my books have a nasty tendency to get really vocal when I close my eyes at night.

Q: What are your favorite books? What authors do you admire? 

I absolutely loved Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and J.H. Glaze’s Spirit Box. These two are also my favorite authors, although I do enjoy Anne Rice and Tolkien as well.

Q: What would you do if you weren’t a writer?

Be a corpse, I suppose. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thank you, Lucian Barnes, for taking part in our interview!