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Interview with USA Today Bestselling Indie Author Barbara Devlin

In this heartening interview with beloved historical fiction and romance author Barbara Devlin, you'll discover how Ms. Devlin went from being a disabled-in-the-line-of-duty, retired police officer, to an exceedingly eccentric English professor, to a USA Today bestselling Indie author.

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Interview with Erin Trejo, International Bestselling Author of MC Series

In this interview, you will meet Erin Trejo, the International bestselling, self-published author of many MC (Motorcycle Club) Romance series. You’ll learn about Erin, discover how she got started, and find out what inspired her to write her latest book "A Love Like War".

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Interview with Melanie Dobson Award-Winning Author of “Catching the Wind”

Espionage, an impending war, and the quest of one journalist to find a German child lost seventy years ago in England. Melanie Dobson’s latest critically-acclaimed novel Catching the Wind slips between the past and present as this journalist seeks to uncover what happened long ago.

In this interview, Melanie discusses how she researched and wrote her gripping, unforgettable book.

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Interview With Award-Winning Urban Romance Author Diamond Drake

In this interview, award-winning, self-published Urban Romance author Diamond Drake talks about the challenges of getting published, dealing with criticism, rejections, and negative reviews, and writing your best.

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Interview with Writer & Poet Esteban Luis Soto

Enjoy reading our interview with the talented published writer & poet Esteban Luis Soto.

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Interview with Theodore Jerome Cohen, Author of “The Road Less Taken: A Collection of Unusual Short Stories”

Author Theodore Jerome Cohen talks about how he mixes fiction with reality in ways even his family and friends have been unable to unravel.

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