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Sociopolitical Poems

“Different” A Powerful Poem by Rutendo C C

You, me, us, we,
Are our differences all we can see?
We’re similar in ways but we’re not the same,
And is that really a flaw, something to blame?

We stress the fact that we’re all counted as equal,
We think like that is true, but we act like that is deceitful.
And tell me this, is one gender greater than the other?
If so, what has your sister done to be better than your brother?

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Don’t Shoot by Rutendo C C

Don’t shoot,
he calls out yet you pull the trigger regardlessly.
What bothers you more is his skin,
not how you live heartlessly.

Don’t shoot,
she cries out knowing her precious child did nothing wrong.
Now you can add him to the list of
lives prematurely gone.

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The Refugee by Sohail Dahdal

In a new town walks a man
His name is Bisan but they call him Dan
All alone in this world
His house for freedom he sold
But the key in his hand he still holds

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Mr. Pimp by Julia Hones

Mr. Pimp is happy.
The writer is blogging
about the flavor of his morning coffee,
and a guy is dithering
over the type of tattoo that suits his forearm
while his girlfriend picks a new shade of purple
to dye her hair.

Mr. Pimp is very much at ease,
no doubt, joyful at the applause
that followed the hateful speech
of a political candidate
that bashed the immigrants.

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“Your Country Needs You” A Poem with Deep Meaning by Tom Higgins

Once upon a time I saw a poster
Of a general pointing straight at me
And the words below shouted out
That a soldier I should be.

Yes a soldier now that was a thought
I’d never had before
I didn’t fight, I’d never fought
And I’d never been to war.

But myself, and millions of others
Decided to heed the call
And despite the tears of our mothers
We trooped off all proud and tall

Together as mates from our towns
All over these sceptered isles
We left young and happy, but soon frowns
Replaced our naïve smiles.

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The Construct by Ruth Elwood

We’re led to believe it’s a big deal
Told what to think about the topic
Instructed on how to feel
Roses champagne candlelight
Music, suite in hotel room
Topped off with your recent groom

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War’s a Waste by Glen R Baker

Why can’t we see that all war’s a waste
That a combat zone is a bastard of a place
And it really doesn’t matter which side you’re on
Because whatever your belief, war is just wrong

Why is it so hard to live with each other
We are all one, you’re my sister, my brother
When did we become so expendable and cheap
Why is life too hard to cherish and keep

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Deutsch Blut (German Blood) Poem by Laura Saint Martin

My Northern skin cannot wear
this tropical complicity. Give me
a hundred names for snow,
Give me all the guilt
I never owned.

My sweat smells like Dachau,
even under Caribbean blooms, even
after I have thumbed it red. I wear
other cultures because mine is

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The Eye Sees it All by Druppels

The eye sees it all
You need a wake-up call
We should not sacrifice our privacy
in exchange for imaginary safety

It is just an excuse
to control, to abuse
Cameras in every street
check where and when we meet

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Oh USA What Happened to You? Poem by Druppels

What happened to you?
There was a time when you were an equivalent for freedom
Freedom to express whatever one believed
Showing respect for whatever one achieved.

By boat, by plane, or car taking route 66,
the land prospered due to a people’s mix.
It did not matter where one was born.
Now immigrants are greeted with shocking scorn,
tolerated to execute the dirty work in all visibility
but just not good enough to earn their legality.

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Generation Backwards by Harry J. Casseus

I’m scared for my generation.
We lack prudence, & bend on

Sour we are, we no longer water the roots to our fruitful aspirations.
How are we all stuck in this condiment of indignation.

I’m scared for my generation.
When walking down my own street I catch a bullet for my pigmentation.
And we scream black lives matter creating a tumultuous pattern
Like we’re not the ones doing the eliminating.

Women sleeping with men to fill spaces that have long been vacant.
Men sleeping with women whom they find better naked.
The redundancy order
Of a tireless occupation
We desire a quick fix
More than the desire to make it.

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If I Could Achieve The Impossible by Tom Higgins

If I could stop time’s relentless flow
Or reverse a waterfall,
If I could make light be slow
Or cause the wind to stall,

If I could cure all illnesses
and make the injured whole,
or remove hatred from men’s hearts
and let the soulless find a soul.

If I could make men see sense
And refuse to go to war,

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The Scapegoats and The Truth, the Real Victims by Tom Higgins

I am sick and tired of this constant blaming
and targeting of the poor, the dispossessed,
the victims of the wars without end.
The deliberate shaming,
of those who cannot respond.

Some people are basically, lazy.
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