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“We No Longer Weep” by Adefolami Ademola

Black skin is now specimen
for shooting practice
by white skins who think
it wise to destroy
the devil -in black-

We didn’t beg to be broken
into breaking news
scattered into lobes of
juicy stories on CNN, BBC
like propitiatory kolanuts

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Gallery of the Most Beautiful Antique Books

Enjoy viewing our gallery of the most beautiful rare, antique book covers in the world.

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20 Literary Agents Representing Fiction Authors

Do you want to get your awesome fiction novel published? The big traditional publishing houses do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.

So if you're aiming to get your book published by one of the big publishing houses, you'll need to get a literary agent to represent you.

Here is a list of 20 top literary agents who represent fiction writers.

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Interview with Academy Award-Winning Director & Screenwriter Christopher Angel

In this interview with Academy Award-winning Director & Screenwriter Christopher Angel, you'll learn how Mr. Angel got started and followed his passion for history and literature to write epic historical feature films. Inspired by both the great works of literature and by the classics of Hollywood’s golden age, Mr. Angel seeks to bring back epic films using modern story-telling techniques.

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NY Literary Magazine “TEARS” Anthology: A Collection of Dark, Sad Poems

The NY Literary Magazine’s TEARS poetry anthology contains a collection of the finest dark poems of the year written by talented international poets of all ages. You can download and read for free the digital edition.

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Everything You Need To Know About Crowdfunding Your Book

Don't have enough money to self-publish your book? Crowdfunding is a powerful tool more and more authors (including unknown, first-time authors and famous, bestselling authors in a variety of genres) are using to raise money to pay for editors, illustrators, cover designers, and the expenses of self-publishing their print or digital books.

In this essential crowdfunding for authors guide, we'll explain all about crowdfunding, analyze successful crowdfunding book campaigns, compare the top crowdfunding platforms, and share tips and advice on how to create a winning campaign from start to finish. It's time to get your story heard!

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11 Best Online Communities for Writers & Poets

The writing life doesn't have to be a lonely one! Joining an online writing community offers numerous benefits to aspiring authors, poets, and hobbyist writers. Check out our list of the top online writing communities and discover how joining them can help you in your writing career.

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“Drowning” – A Dark Poem by Theresa Ryder

This time he dragged her down, bound with him Clutching they spun inhaling, plunging in Needle tight breaths, she smacked and fought back Against his tourniquet grip, she slipped free in slack Necked gropes as he grasped her hopes and crushed As burning, they spiralled, kicking then hushed

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7 Noteworthy Writing Groups and Clubs in NY

Though you might envision yourself sequestered away from the rest of society in a mountain-view cabin as you hammer out the next Great American Novel on a vintage Underwood No. 5 typewriter, writing is not actually as solitary an activity as you might think.

These writing groups and clubs in NY will provide the support and community you didn’t know you needed.

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8 Effective Techniques for Writing Great Dialogue

Whether you love crafting a conversation between your characters, or the thought of hitting the quotation mark key on the keyboard fills you with dread, here are some practical techniques and tips to help you improve your dialogue-writing skills and craft great, realistic conversations which will engross your readers.

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