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Interview with Bestselling Non-Fiction Author Helene Stapinski

Enjoy reading our interview with Bestselling Author Helene Stapinski. In this interview, Helene talks about researching and writing her intriguing memoir, Murder in Matera, which traces a sensational family crime from 19th century Southern Italy.

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Upcoming Noteworthy Literary Events in NYC

Looking for something fun to do in New York City within the next few weeks? Check out these exciting upcoming literary events and writing workshops in the NYC area.

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The 13 Best Writing Retreats Around the World in 2017

Are you struggling to find inspiration? Do you wish to improve your writing and receive valuable feedback on your work? Here are the 13 best, inspirational and educational writing retreats around the world in 2017.

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Winners of the NY Literary Magazine’s “TEARS” Dark Poetry Contest

Announcing the winners of the "TEARS" dark poetry contest by the NY Literary Magazine.

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Winners of the FLAMES Erotic Poetry Contest by the NY Literary Magazine

Congratulations to the winners of our FLAMES erotic poetry contest!

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Who is Frankenstein?

You may know Frankenstein as a green-faced monster but is that who he really is? Learn the truth about Mary Shelley and her famous novel Frankenstein.

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“The Association of Small Bombs” Book Review

"The Association of Small Bombs" is a powerful and relevant book dealing with terrorism, and the aftermath left behind by the devastation. Author Karan Mahajan tells the powerful, tragic story of an innocent Indian man who experienced and survived a terrorist explosion. Read our review.

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The Life and Works of Claudia Rankine

Read about the life and works of Claudia Rankine, one of the greatest modern day writers. Check out the discussion she has spearheaded on race in America, through her work!

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Interview with Daryl Wood Gerber, National Bestselling Author and Agatha Award Winner

Enjoy reading our inspirational interview with national bestselling author and Agatha Award winner Daryl Wood Gerber.

Daryl talks about what inspires her to write, how she launched her successful writing career and overcame obstacles and numerous rejections along the way.

You'll also learn about Daryl's upcoming cozy mystery book "A Deadly Éclair".

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Interview with Writer & Poet Esteban Luis Soto

Enjoy reading our interview with the talented published writer & poet Esteban Luis Soto.

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“The Ocean at the End of the Lane” Fantasy Book Review

“The dream was haunting me: standing behind me, present and yet invisible, like the back of my head, simultaneously there and not there.”

The nameless narrator in Neil Gaiman’s hauntingly nostalgic novel revisits his childhood home in the English countryside. By doing so, he evokes memories from his youth that had been buried over decades.

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The 9 Best Songwriting Contests in 2017

Are you a talented songwriter hoping to be discovered, get signed, and launch a successful career in songwriting?

Whether you’re a beginning songwriter or more experienced with the art of songwriting, songwriting competitions are a great way to gain exposure and recognition, not to mention the long list of cash and prizes if you win big. Additionally, many songwriting contests are judged by well-known music industry professionals who can help you advance your music careers with recording studio time or even record deals.

However, it’s important to figure out which competitions are genuine, as many websites are frauds that just collect entry fees!
These are the nine best songwriting contests you can enter right now:

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“The Japanese Lover” Book Review

Isabel Allende's latest brilliant novel "The Japanese Lover", delves into a seventy-year-long love story and reflects on what it means to have led a full and happy life. Read our book review.

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The Differences between Scripts, Teleplays, Screenplays, Novels and Books

Are you a writer, author, novelist, screenwriter, scriptwriter, poet or lyricist? What exactly is the difference? Sometimes the technical jargon of writing can be a bit confusing, so we have defined some terms to help you get more acquainted with the world of writing.

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5 Must-See Literary Events in NYC Next Week

New York City has always been known for its vibrant and diverse creative underground. Now with the summer upon us, there’s no shortage of poetry slams, open mics, and writing workshops to satisfy the most curious writers. Here are 5 of the best upcoming events, all in Manhattan! Read More

11 of the Most Influential Writers of All Time

Writers have the ability to exert a global impact—words are permanent, and as such, very quickly become sources of education, inspiration, and contemplation.

Here’s a list of 11 writers who have ascertained a place in history as impactful on the field of American literature in both the past and the present as well as every period in between. Let’s get to it!

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Top 10 Writing Workshops & Classes in NY

Do you want to improve your writing and get published one day? Here are the top 10 writing workshops and writing classes worth attending which are available in NY and online.

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Top 10 Books on Creative Writing

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Here is a list of the 10 best books on Creative Writing to help you become a better writer.

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7 Best Services to Promote Your Free Kindle Book or eBook

Looking for ways your free eBook or Kindle book? Here is a list of the best free and paid Kindle book promotion sites to help you get more readers and sales.

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About Emily Bronte and her Famous Novel Wuthering Heights

Though the Bronte sisters are perhaps one of the most well-known families of writers in English literature, when they published their work in the nineteenth century, they were known as neither Brontes nor as sisters.

Hoping to avoid the biased criticism and claims of insubstantiality levied against the works of women, Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte published under the names Acton, Currer, and Ellis Bell.

Their first publication was a collection of the sisters’ poems, and though the volume was not successful at the time, later assessment of Emily Bronte’s poems has, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, since distinguished her as the preeminent poetic talent of the three sisters.

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