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Wuthering Heights

About Emily Bronte and her Famous Novel Wuthering Heights

Though the Bronte sisters are perhaps one of the most well-known families of writers in English literature, when they published their work in the nineteenth century, they were known as neither Brontes nor as sisters.

Hoping to avoid the biased criticism and claims of insubstantiality levied against the works of women, Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte published under the names Acton, Currer, and Ellis Bell.

Their first publication was a collection of the sisters’ poems, and though the volume was not successful at the time, later assessment of Emily Bronte’s poems has, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, since distinguished her as the preeminent poetic talent of the three sisters.

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Top 10 Modern Retellings of Classic Stories

Here is a list of the top 10 famous classic stories retold in the modern day. These updated versions prove they are just as timeless as the original stories we know and love.

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