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heartbreak poems

When You Told Me by Hazel MacMahon

When you told me you had found someone else
I said “Okay.”
Because I found her lipstick here
The other day,

What I don’t understand, however,
Is why you thought I wouldn’t notice
Her shadows on the sheets
After you had been together,

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Nevermore by Lewis Stevens

Once I was your hero,
Promised forever and a day.
Sad eyes reflecting, two times two,
Somehow hands held slipped away,
And love moved another way.

Starlight on waves that swayed,
Misty cloud dreams from the first of days.
Thus glowing comet trails pulsed as if to say:

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“Ashes of a Dead Love” Poem by Joy S. J. Edwards

The ashes of a dead love dominate my days,
My thoughts are still your thoughts,
My dreams governed by your ways,
My head is filled with idle notions,
I’m still going through the motions,

Yet despair permeates the air,
It clings to my clothes,
Sits in your empty chair.

My emotions raw,
My devotion not required anymore,
For you have found a new love,
A younger version of me,
A man whose belly burns with fire,
Not a solid, dependable soul like me.

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Walls by Patricia Cunningham

You broke me down.

You stalked my walls and found them wanting.
Then you, with exquisite ease,
undermined them.

Complicit I bade the watchmen wait,
For a signal of your purpose.
But you so carefully and quietly,
began picking and removing, unpacking and exposing,
unwinding and reclaiming all,
that you could posses.

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On Loving a Boy by E. J. Schoenborn

One of the things I regret the most
is going back to my place at three A.M. after Pride Fest
lying on the mattress next to him,
this boy who said he felt comfortable around me,
his voice, a string of lights lining the bed,
and this is when I remembered I loved him,
my body a finger on a hairpin trigger,
worried something would go off if he even touched me,
but we both passed out,
And I was finally able to sleep for an entire night,
this boy, the night light in my bedroom,
a tense, tight calm.

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“Goodbye” – Sad Love Poem by Randeep Singh

The anxiety sucks the life out of me,
Like a thousand leeches on my soul,
Awaiting to be told who to be,
And how to be accordingly,My tears well so abundantly,
I cannot see
Yet never falls one drop from my eyes,
They are the bravest and most stubborn part of me,

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Foolish by Shannon McClary

was I to think you have to be
My life’s blood
My protector
My air
My life’s lovebeaten from your hallowed translucent shield
The pain from this will fade
Yet the bruises will remain forever and a day

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Dear Suki: Number Six by Lana Bella

Dear Suki: Culver City, June 17th,
your shoes are large and I put them
on, trying to ache through the miles
you had walked from this wild grass
I no longer mow. Pronged fibers curl
above my steps, gathering the way
smoke shoulders its particles up the
exhaust hood. But idle feet can’t tar

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Silence by Sinimatik

My name hums upon your lips
Like a loose string
Out of tune
Out of place
Not welcomed in your vocalized melody
A mistake

My own ears whisper truth
But my eyes deceive me
To watch you
Plucking the chord
So desperately
So desperate
For it to belong

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Love and Dust by Hardeep Sabharwal

Nothing lasts, you said, gently tying,
The laces of your fashionable jogging shoes,
With a glistening in your eyes,
That put our love in the morgue,
As if love was a race just to win a medal,
My mouth was filled with the dust of your words,

Like a modern prep student, I nodded,
The April sky laughed,
The blossoming flower’s fragrance screamed,
In the most beautiful municipal park of city

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