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Today? Poem by Mary Christine Laningham

Do I understand?
I live another day,
adding to the potential years,
of a life well lived,
so they say.

In the shadow of yesterday?
Will they say this upon the grave?
Yet, that which was lost yesterday,
can be regained tomorrow,
again, so they say.

Do I understand?
Where is today?
The choice lays within,
the question mark of a new day.

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It’s a Facebook Kind of Day by Mary

Coffee’s brewin’! Breakfast’s ready
Logging in to FB news
Screen’s a glowing- click the icon
Hoping I won’t get the blues

FB login pw stronger
Are there messages for me?
Memories from 2 years ago
Show me how it used to be

Scroll down, scroll down, puppy pictures!
Cute and funny photo fare
Type Amen cuz I love Jesus
Share this post to prove I care

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