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love poems

Lithium Barbie Doll by Jason Cueto

She’s a razor-sharp dish
Wrapped in a kiss
Things appear so fine
It won’t be long before
You see something wrong
Those voices in her head at night…

She’ll bring you in
To her den of sin
Steal your soul for the night
The sun’s going down
Time’s running out
Better buckle your belt
For this roller-coaster ride

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Walk With Me Again by David B. Pincus

Walk with me again across the grassy field
Holding my hand in your innocence as we chatter
Another spring day bright with the sun and youth
All we seem to care about is being together.

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The First Adventure by David S. Russell

That shadowy entrance, subdued glint,
spark of eyes!
You trod all cultures with your classic grace
Of posture, figure, profile

The breathy touch, so tentative,
The answering squeeze

All beams and tiptoes as we trod
Unspoken message:
“The dream’s come true”

The curtain nearly volunteered
To close itself.

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Laura – Love Poem by Chris Whitehouse

As time slowly passes,
my mind seems to wonder,
is this the sunshine?
or lightening and thunder?

Is this the dream
or simply a phase?
From what I can see,
we have limited days.

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Sweet Chianti Lips by Fran Marie

She whispers softly
over sips of Chianti
in sunlight shadows
and he believes her
silver lined promises

He closes his eyes
wanting her words
to be true, yet he knew
she was only
being true to herself

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To My Young Lady by Robert Gbolahan King

Time is going o young lady!
Time and beauty are flying away.
Life is an opportunity,
O life is not a chance anyway!

Your own beauty exploration
Had outside blissfulness of marriage
Lures men to love exploration
Of you until you reach your vile age.

Your readiness is what matter.
Marriage is honorable in all
Plenty money does not matter.
Make sure you don’t waste time at all.

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Mandolin’s Melody by Fran Marie

I’ll play thee a sonnet with mandolin softly massage your brow of sad sorrow absorb anguish so that joy may begin bringing bright new light into each ‘morrow

I’ll sing thee mandolin’s melody
sweetest songs of love, each note to behold
chasing gray clouds away, too far to see
kiss thy lips warm, when winter’s breath breathes cold

O’ hear my love song enchanting this day
with poetry’s whispered words to thy ear
of summer’s breeze and lavender’s bouquet
sunshine and laughter our hearts may endear

I’ll play thee a sonnet meant for just you
mandolin’s melody with love so true

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Love Is by Teeya

Love is
sight where obscurity lays
parallel to luminous visually blinding curiosity
perceiving light’s blinking eye to warm a shaken path
of dark and damp coldness until tipping toes can
walk firmly on unyielding solid ground…

Love is
monochromatic rainbows in shades of you;
pale tones of expectations with no expectations
interrupted by kaleidoscopic flushings
at that chanced, precise moment
when shades of you casts hues of you
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Boundless Love by Richard Puetter

‘Twas when we both were young
that spirits from above,
did seemingly
conspire with fate
to instigate our love.

And fleur Digitalis,
with petal sweet and rare,
did line the walk
with stately stalk
our pathway to prepare.

For in that flowered spring,
I first did know my heart,
then did my soul
on seeing you

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You – A Poem By Steven Coty

You are beautiful
and I am a coward.
I keep running,
thinking I can escape it.
No distance
takes me
any further from
I can’t hold onto
this image
I have of you. I
you to
leave my thoughts

You are wonderful
and I am a freak,
undeserving of your

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Walking Through Time by Robert Strzalko

Walking through time
Thinking of you
Receding from yesterday
Turning towards tomorrow
The sun
Chase away
Pushes me forward
The spawn

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