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Love and Heart-Break Poems

Your Last by Rebecca Cherrington

I don’t mind I’m not your first kiss
but I want to be your last
I don’t care what’s happened before
the past is the past

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Find the Heart by Emily

Find the heart that
Needs another

Find the heart
That has been hurt

Find the heart
That has been loved
But forgotten

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Second Chance – a Poem by Fran

raw, open, bleeding
you’ve left my heart needing
a second chance
a second chance
days gone by
there is no going back
no changing tracks
no disappearing acts
but still the whisper
a second chance
a second chance
I would’ve changed

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2 Hands by Christopher Michael Smith

Sitting here doused in sweat,
tasting the salt as my lips become wet,
amidst the heat waves in our winter skies,
confused beings unseasonably counting the flies.
hungry for a meaning,
thirsty for a greeting,
chaos in all we know,
up as well as below.
another drop drips from the flesh,
another lust filled tear shamefully undressed,
spirit empathy to a soulful depress,
these clock-less moments ticking to regret.
2 hands in a circle & around they go,
2 hands stuck in a repetitious flow.

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Her Belly by Robert Strzalko

Do you remember the night
We walked through town
Starry night
Dreamy night
Mystery whispering in our ears
As we walked past
Medieval buildings of stone
And chiseled faces of statues
Looking at us across centuries

I desperately wanted to touch you
To take you into my arms
As we neared the river

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