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Of Ashen Mind by Edward J Davis

Unfound along breath’s existence,
Heart of none, exhausted blank
Deaden to hopes, black holes gnashing pit
Love lays slaughtered amongst sanity’s skin
Truth bare, broken hearted growls.

Tree of life bends now tree of death,
Will for one, all for naught.
When will arid soul give way to soaring rains?

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A Lonely Sigh by Tina Cox

A lonely sigh up to the moon
A broken heart an empty room
A heaving breast that goes untouched
A velvet thigh no lovers blush
No lips to part
No gentle kiss

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You Are With Me by David B. Pincus

Alone I walk the sheltered paths far from home and you are with me.
While leaves scatter the sun’s rays into thousands of pinpoints of light
Alone I trod this quiet sanctuary of blissful solitude and you are with me
Hearing the calling birds, watching the fluttering leaves I hear and see you.
Alone I behold the beauty that surrounds me as I stare in wonder at it all.
Though you are far away in all that I see, hear and feel, you are with me.

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I Live For by Shannon McClary

I Live

For the night I fall asleep and awake with you on my mind
For the remnants of our first kiss on my lips
For the seconds minutes and hours
I hold you in my arms

I Live

For the moment, we intently look into each others’ eyes
Knowing it is the end of you and I

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Waiting in the Rain by Pewton Light

The thought of you brings tears to my eyes.
I still remember waiting in the rain.
We knew each other for so long,
Yet you and I were never meant to be.
I looked out for you, and watched over you,
And above all else, I cared.

Even though I didn’t tell you enough times, I always cared.
Perhaps you always saw it in my eyes.
Now I’ve blown my chance, and I’ll never get to tell you,
But you were worth waiting on in the rain.

Because all I ever wanted to be,

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Looking For My Lover by Tina Cox

Looking for my lover,
to live my whole life through
Someone to hold and kiss me,
through the dark nights too.

Someone who won’t abandon me
or leave me on my own,
and when I look into his eyes

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Her Belly by Robert Strzalko

Do you remember the night
We walked through town
Starry night
Dreamy night
Mystery whispering in our ears
As we walked past
Medieval buildings of stone
And chiseled faces of statues
Looking at us across centuries

I desperately wanted to touch you
To take you into my arms
As we neared the river

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