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My Angel/ My Devil – Erotic Poem by Rei

A daringly explicit, erotic poem by Rei.

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Latin Legs by Erotica Goddess

Latin Legs

She shimmies past on heels that won’t end,
latin legs luring me closer and closer.

The music drifts throughout the club,
the sultry beat matching my heart’s tempo…
She slinks onto the floor, hands on her hips,
pouty lips beckoning to me from afar.

Wild beats and wicked movement,
begging and pleading without a word,
as I sit there, gaze riveted on you,
I cannot break the link between us,
and I don’t even want to.

Latin legs luring me to the end of the line,
as I stand and move closer,

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Sinful Erotica (Adult Content) by Anna Rose

Sinful Erotica by Anna Rose

Wet with anticipation,
As my mind loses control
And every nerve starts to shake
With excitement.

Your breasts against my own,
Taking the lead,
The conductor of my soul’s band
As my heart races, beating faster.

Dominate me,
Make me fall into your deep desire.
A passionate embrace of tenderness

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2 Hands by Christopher Michael Smith

Sitting here doused in sweat,
tasting the salt as my lips become wet,
amidst the heat waves in our winter skies,
confused beings unseasonably counting the flies.
hungry for a meaning,
thirsty for a greeting,
chaos in all we know,
up as well as below.
another drop drips from the flesh,
another lust filled tear shamefully undressed,
spirit empathy to a soulful depress,
these clock-less moments ticking to regret.
2 hands in a circle & around they go,
2 hands stuck in a repetitious flow.

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