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hot love poems

Her First Time – Erotic Poem by Deva Shore

Like magnets drawn together,
slowly, barely touching, warm breath over flesh.
His prolonging became unbearable,
her will weakening, her resolve diminishing.

Slowly, shyly, she opened herself a fraction to him.
He leaned in gently, caring, considerate at first,
not wanting to alarm or frighten, this her first time.

Then he became more insistent, more passionate.
She returned his ardor as he slipped in further,
wrestling together, slipping and sliding,
unrelenting, until she could stand no more.

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Mutual Surrender – An Erotic Poem

I lust after the geometry of your being,
poised on top of me to explore,
like a birthday present waiting to be

u n w r a p p e d…

I pull you closer to me,
closer than the spaces of our kisses,
defying distance dividing the contours of our flesh

until we become
consumed with the fire void of chaste intentions,
slaves to the urgency of the moment

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