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DARK DAYS PAST by Nirranjani Sakthi

Stuck with a heart to define destiny,
Lived a life not even worth a penny!
Consumed by ripples of despair, you stop and stare,
Think you are moving but don’t know where.

No diverging paths in the woods to see,
You guess that’s how fates gonna be.
Hunger buried deep within your soul
Wants to pursue the mission of its goal.

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If I Could Achieve The Impossible by Tom Higgins

If I could stop time’s relentless flow
Or reverse a waterfall,
If I could make light be slow
Or cause the wind to stall,

If I could cure all illnesses
and make the injured whole,
or remove hatred from men’s hearts
and let the soulless find a soul.

If I could make men see sense
And refuse to go to war,

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The Hope that Lies Beyond by Richard Puetter

The Hope that Lies Beyond

Oh, how life’s cares bound up my heart!

I faced each day with dread

My life was so devoid of joy

Held woe I could not shed

And desparate to end this curse–

To find from pain release–

I lifted goblet to my lips

Drank full, then slipped to peace

And as I slept upon my bed

A dream appeared to me

It seemed that I in water swam

Then sank into the sea

And down and down my body sank

Pulled down into the deep

I felt my lungs about to burst–

Prepared for final sleep

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