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I Live For by Shannon McClary

I Live

For the night I fall asleep and awake with you on my mind
For the remnants of our first kiss on my lips
For the seconds minutes and hours
I hold you in my arms

I Live

For the moment, we intently look into each others’ eyes
Knowing it is the end of you and I

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My Dream – Poem by ‘UnspokenPain’

Planes falling from the sky.
darkness all around me.
everyone’s eyes are filled with fear.
fear, fear is all I see.

I hide in a corner and wait for it to pass.
but the darkness, just will not leave.

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Looking For My Lover by Tina Cox

Looking for my lover,
to live my whole life through
Someone to hold and kiss me,
through the dark nights too.

Someone who won’t abandon me
or leave me on my own,
and when I look into his eyes

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The Hope that Lies Beyond by Richard Puetter

The Hope that Lies Beyond

Oh, how life’s cares bound up my heart!

I faced each day with dread

My life was so devoid of joy

Held woe I could not shed

And desparate to end this curse–

To find from pain release–

I lifted goblet to my lips

Drank full, then slipped to peace

And as I slept upon my bed

A dream appeared to me

It seemed that I in water swam

Then sank into the sea

And down and down my body sank

Pulled down into the deep

I felt my lungs about to burst–

Prepared for final sleep

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Dreams of Unknown Melodies by Neva Flores Smith

Dreams of unknown melodies become my companions
When the moon sits upon her throne, my love
Far away, more gravitating
Are the quivering stars in the heavens
Up above

My life floats within the sun in a blissful perfect peace
Blazing there, high above the tallest trees
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