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Lust by Brea Viragh

Silken sheets on sweated skin
Soft sighs torn from slicked lips.
Watching, waiting,
Tempted, taken,
Anticipation building and threatening
To take over.
Through the windowpane she sees
Two as one.
Needing to write herself in the story,
Not yet done.

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Our Everlasting Love by ‘MandaBear’

Those piercing eyes looking at me with a greater intent.
Lustily calling out my name with silence.
Your body covered in beads of sweat just waiting to fall.
Calling out just wanting to be touched.

As the water dripped from your muscles the heat became more intense.
Passions were burning like the pits of fire on a cold winters night.
Glances were exchanged with a quick fluttering of the eyes.

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