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Lying with the Angels by Tina Cox

The peaceful sound of humming
A touch so soft and pure
She doesn’t feel the pain
She’s lying on the floor

At last she’s got away from him
She knew one day she would
She would have done it sooner
if she only could

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Fear it by MacabreeLewis

“Where would you go when you die?”

“Where would you sleep when you fall away?”

These answers haunt me;

As I’ve seen you die today.

Awaken in total darkness;

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My final breath, a sigh – Poem by Gee

My final breath, a sigh by Gee

I had neither time nor patience,
and this, I so relayed,
annoyance being the tone I used,
but still the stranger stayed.

I bid him sit, if stay he must,
offering him a chair,
this he declined, without a word,
but with a steely glare.

That chilled my bones to marrows core,
withering my very soul,

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Unfinished by Kiera Scanlon

When I saw you,
In the coffin,
I thought,
I didn’t know you.
It was a shell of you,
Not the real you.

Your body lays at rest now,

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