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Best-selling author interview

Interview with Bestselling, Self-Published Author David Johnson

Not until he entered his 60’s did David Johnson decide to try his hand at writing novels, yet almost overnight he became successful by writing the Amazon best-selling Tucker series.

In this inspiring interview, Johnson shares how his varied life experiences prepared him for a writing career and gives suggestions to aspiring writers on how they too can achieve their dreams.

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Interview with Dougie Brimson, Bestselling Author and Screenwriter

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"I never actually set out to be a writer at all, it just kind of happened. Indeed, it's fair to say that even after three award winning feature films and 750,000 book sales, I spend most days waiting for the literary police to bang on my door and cart me away for fraud!" - Dougie.

In this interview, you'll meet best-selling author and screenwriter Dougie Brimson, discover how he got started and what inspired him to write his critically acclaimed screenplays and books.

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