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“Scorpio Snake” – A Poem by Robert Black

I was born
A Scorpio snake
Longing for
The white hot desert
As pure as a needle tip
Under a naked flame
As I slither
And scratch around
The dirty streets
Of humanity
Trying my best
Not to bite
Or sting
Down Rue de Bellevue
To deposit the glass
From the previous nights
Of drinking
And writing

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Rose Gardens by Julia Cirignano

I have galaxies and rose gardens in my head
They come out as whispers and rolled eyes
I blink, and a rose blooms but no one notices

I hum, and life is found on a new planet
A melody is created but they only see me walk
They see my curves but not my angles

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We’re Old Enough to be Young Again by Eunice-Grace Domingo

Gloomy sunshine, ineffable coffee, and lies that cake the day,
Monotone silences and idle gossip and smiles that just decay,
Laughter that fizzles past the lips of superfluous strangers,
Hospital rooms and bathroom stalls saving you from dangers,

Gripping writing tools like vices for the future,
Avoiding full eye contact and solidifying closure,
Running up ramp ways and giggling like it’s pleasantry,
Bells ringing like Notre Dame ignoring all the travesty,

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Kelly 3 – Abstract Modern Poem by R. Bremner

The girl who lives on heaven’s hill eats
peanuts all night long and drives me
out of my mind when she gets
herself a selfie with swinging medallions.

She asks for forgiveness from Mrs. Magician and
her dear one, the sunbather at Finnegan’s wake.
During the cruel war, the idol with the golden
head felt a little bit lied to
on the dirt road by Susan Surftone,
so it went away and brought plague to a place
where a pounding boogie put
candlelight under its thumb

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