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Tips for Writers

The Differences between Scripts, Teleplays, Screenplays, Novels and Books

Are you a writer, author, novelist, screenwriter, scriptwriter, poet or lyricist? What exactly is the difference? Sometimes the technical jargon of writing can be a bit confusing, so we have defined some terms to help you get more acquainted with the world of writing.

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Top 10 Writing Workshops & Classes in NY

Do you want to improve your writing and get published one day? Here are the top 10 writing workshops and writing classes worth attending which are available in NY and online.

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Top 10 Books on Creative Writing

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Here is a list of the 10 best books on Creative Writing to help you become a better writer.

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7 Best Services to Promote Your Free Kindle Book or eBook

Looking for ways your free eBook or Kindle book? Here is a list of the best free and paid Kindle book promotion sites to help you get more readers and sales.

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The Difference Between Song Lyrics and Poetry

What is the exact difference between poetry and song lyrics?

The main difference, of course, lies in the fact that poetry is presented to and received by the eyes, while song lyrics–the ears. A key aspect of poetry is the format and how the piece is broken up into stanzas and even further broken up into lines. However, in songs, it is more about how the lyrics are received by the ears. You can’t hear those enjambed lines and line breaks.

So even though the complex content may be the same in both poetry and song lyrics, the difference lie in the following:

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Editing Your First Draft: A Guide for First-Time Authors

Congratulations! You've just written the first draft of your book. Here are some helpful tips and strategies on how to begin editing your first draft.

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How to Self-Publish Your Book – A Guide for First-Time Authors

A Guide for First-Time Authors on How to Self-Publish your Book. Tips and Lists of the Best Services for Self-Publishing Digital EBooks, and Print books.

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How to Write a Great Query Letter: A Guide for First-Time Authors

If you’re a first-time author with a manuscript you’re excited to publish traditionally, you’re probably wondering how exactly that manuscript makes its way from your computer to print. The answer: through a literary agent. Since you’re an emerging author, the best way to find the right literary agent to represent you is through an amazing query letter.

Query letters are crucial in the publishing world. Frequently, an agent will request a query letter upon first contact with you. The main purpose of these letters? To convince an agent to read and pursue your work. The perfect query letter should tantalize an agent into requesting your full manuscript. Read More

A Guide for Freelance Writers: How to Get Published Online and Gain Writing Credentials

Are you a student, fresh graduate, aspiring journalist or freelance writer hoping to get hired by a magazine, newspaper, distinguished publishing house or get freelancing writing jobs?
The most important thing for aspiring freelance writers is to gain real-world experience and writing credentials.
The publishing world is a highly competitive industry. A great many students graduate each year but only a few manage to get the jobs they desire.

In this guide, we’ll share tips on how to get published online, gain writing experience and writing credentials which will help you impress your future employers and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Read More

How to Find the Right Literary Agent for You: A First-Time Author’s Guide

So you’ve finished your book—congratulations! If you’re a first-time author, you’re probably a little anxious about the next step in the publishing process: finding the right literary agent. Don’t worry—that’s what we’re here for! This guide serves as a comprehensive overview to help you find a literary agent who’s a great fit for you, both personally and professionally.  Read More

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