Time is going o young lady!
Time and beauty are flying away.
Life is an opportunity,
O life is not a chance anyway!

Your own beauty exploration
Had outside blissfulness of marriage
Lures men to love exploration
Of you until you reach your vile age.

Your readiness is what matter.
Marriage is honorable in all
Plenty money does not matter.
Make sure you don’t waste time at all.

Stop love experimentation,
Leads nowhere but heartbreaks and regrets;
It is a love mutilation
That dwindles many faraway lovers.

It’s not desirable, lady;
Caught in the web of infatuation,
Drawn with cord of promiscuity-
For the admirable like you sin.

It is your pride, it is your boast.
Always precious your virginity.
Still cherish it though you lost it.
Do not go that further, go marry.

Plan your time very well, set your goal.
The way you lay your bed, you lie on it.
Among the others, make a model.
Marriage is the blissfulness of it.

“I have been writing for more than 15 years now! I love to write real life experiences about myself and that of others which people can learn a great deal from. I also write creative, inspirational poems, articles, quotes, books, etc based on success, relationship, philosophy of life, spiritual discovery & Christian faith.” – Robert

Lara Wilson

Lara Wilson

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