We could stay here till sunrise
Both knowing neither will compromise
Like traders glamorising a business deal

Ignoring anything that’s real
You know there’s a connection
Too busy, insecure of the reflection
The lads would think you’re under whip
Need to inform them if I stay the night

Being honest I can’t say much
Don’t want to be labelled slut

Thinking sex follows trust
Worried you’ll lose interest
After I give into lust

This cycle is cruel
Struggling in this power game
So we sit and complain
Neither wanting to the look the fool
Chances of happiness we destroy
Fair play, us
The good girl and the playboy

Ruth Elwood is an eighteen-year-old writer from Galway, Ireland. She will begin to study creative writing at the National University of Ireland Galway in September 2016. She has read several times at public readings, and her work has been featured in the popular blog Poethead and the Rose online magazine.

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