The shadows sway,
and stand agape,
and hair erect-
upon the nape
of time inside
this whiskey glass-
into Dragon Pass…

I have a soul
that must be sold-
I’m told it’s worth
the weight in gold,
I cannot get it back-
from voices on
this hellbound track…

Look in my eyes,
and read the sign-
then you will see
where demons dine,
and taste the spirits
that I drink–
my phantom is
close to the brink…

Turn, loose my
hand and look away,
or in the darkness
you will stay-
the eyeballs roll
away again–
now I lay me

Lara Wilson

Lara Wilson

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Lara holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature. She's a native New Yorker, an after-school English tutor, and a bookworm.
Lara loves photography and horseback riding.
Lara Wilson

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