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A professional editorial book review from the prestigious NY Literary Magazine will add credibility to your book and impress potential buyers.

The purpose of an editorial book review is to influence the readers’ buying decision with a meaningful endorsement they can trust. This can greatly increase your sales, especially if you are an unknown author.

In today’s highly competitive book industry and self-publishing market, you need every possible advantage to make your book stand out from the rest.

Our endorsement can help boost your discoverability, grow your readership, and increase your book’s sales.

According to a 2017 Nielsen survey, more than 80% of American consumers seek recommendations before making any purchase decision.

“Reviews are a crucial part of a book’s marketing strategy…
Reviews make a book seem more professional”    
– Publishers Weekly

About Our Editorial Book Review Service

The NY Literary Magazine offers its Editorial Book Review service for self-published, published, and unpublished authors.

One of our experienced, professional Editors will read your book and provide you with an honest, unbiased review.

You will receive a powerful, promotional cover blurb book review (2-3 sentences in length) highlighting the best features of your book.

According to Amazon Guidelines, editorial reviews should be limited to 1-2 sentences.
Amazon says: “Customers may miss critical information if your reviews are too long.”

“Winning a book award and getting a good review published are two of the best marketing tools available to the independent publisher today.”       – The Independent Publisher

Below are some examples of how editorial book reviews helped unknown authors become successful.
(Disclaimer: In no way do we guarantee you’ll see similar results. Every book is a different story.)

  • Rob Dircks, sold over 20,000 copies of his first self-published book with hardly any money to market it. In an article published on, he admitted that The single biggest thing that helped him sell all those books was reviews.
  • Darcie Chan was an unknown author, independently publishing her first novel. After she purchased an editorial book review, her book The Mill River Recluse sold over 500,000 copies!
  • Kenneth Bennet claims the editorial book review he purchased helped draw attention to his book, which resulted in a Hollywood film production company buying the film rights to his book.
  • Janet and Ed Howle, authors of The Long Road to Paris, claim they’ve seen a dramatic surge in sales and an increase in both bookstore and publisher interest after buying an editorial book review.
  • “The endorsement gave consumers a meaningful recommendation that they could trust.”
    —Guy Kawasaki, bestselling author of 10 books, including Enchantment and The Art of the Start.

How Can You Use the NY Literary Magazine’s Editorial Book Review?

Editorial Book Reviews in Amazon Book Ads
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Kathryn Le Veque Amazon Author Page with Editorial Review

You can feature our review as a recommendation on your book’s front/back cover, and in the “Forward” or “Praise” section of the book.

Additionally, you can post it on your website, blog, share it on your social media accounts, use it in your advertising and marketing campaigns, in a Press Release about your book, on your Goodreads/Amazon/NOOK book page or any other place where you sell or promote your book or eBook.

Moreover, you can feature our review on your Amazon Author page.

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Example Cover Blurb Book Reviews

Review of Transatlantic:
“A brilliant Masterpiece! McCann reaffirms his status as one of the very best writers in the literary fiction genre. Exquisitely written, this literary gem will keep you spellbound.”

Review of Water Rites:
“Richly imagined and gracefully written, Water Rites plunges readers into an exciting fantasy adventure they will not soon forget. With its spirited plot, compelling characters, and detailed storytelling, Water Rites will concur the hearts of teen and young adult readers.
Recommend to anyone hungry for a good read!”

Review of The Age of Swords:
“Brilliant is the word that applies!
This gripping, epic fantasy novel will keep readers enraptured from the first sentence to the last page. Packed with adventure and smart, realistic characters, The Age of Swords is a truly mesmerizing novel. This must be one of Sullivan’s finest achievements.”

Review of The Hunger Games:
“A masterfully written, riveting story which will grab you from the first page!”

Review of Unlikely Magic:
“A beautifully written, modern retelling of a classic fairy tale featuring vivid, realistic characters and packed with secrets, lies, mystery, action, and light romance. 5 Stars!”

Review of The Ocean at the End of the Lane:
“A hauntingly nostalgic, thrilling novel, unlike anything that has been written before.
Gaiman writes with dry wit, a strong narrative voice, blunt descriptions, and rich imagination about a childhood filled with joy, sadness, darkness, cruelty, reality and unfathomable, supernatural wonders. This book is not to be missed!”

Review of The Japanese Lover:
“An epic, enthralling love story alive with strong emotions and realistic, deep characters.
Allende explores various issues from race and sexuality to simply trying to make the most out of life.
Highly recommended!” 

Review of Desire & Ice:
“A delightfully sexy and exciting romance story with vivid, compelling characters and the right amount of suspense. Rice hits the target yet again.”

Review of For Cheddar or Worse:
“Masterful writer Avery Aames delivers everything a reader hopes for in a great book: realistic characters, believable dialogue, and an excellent story with a well-drawn plot (along with delicious recipes!).
This captivating and deeply satisfying cozy mystery novel will keep readers turning pages late into the night.”

Review of A Game of Thrones:
“An unforgettable and wildly entertaining epic tale destined to become a Classic!”

Review of My Lobotomy:
“A powerful memoir which readers will find at times enraging while at other times truly inspiring.”

Review of Anything is Possible:
“A stunning, emotionally packed tale which draws you in from the first page! A book to be savored and passed on to friends.”

Review of The Defining Decade:
“The Defining Decade is like having an excellent therapy session.
This book will help any confused twenty-year-old to overcome issues they are struggling with, gain more self-confidence, and find their path in life.” 

Review of The Sleepwalkers Guide to Dancing:
“A truly compelling, bittersweet story about a family confronting skeletons of their past in an attempt to heal themselves.
Jacob masterfully weaves humor, happiness, love, and painful moments into an enthralling narrative.”

Review of Oryx and Crake:
“A brilliantly written, gripping journey into a vivid, horrific, Dystopian future you will not forget. This book is bound to become a bestseller!”

Review of Dining and Driving with Cats – Alice Unplugged:
“A highly entertaining, charming romance story with adorable cats and unusual characters so real they spring right out of the page!
Patterson masterfully weaves humor, love, tragedy, and delicious dining into a unique, heartwarming memoir that will delight readers from the first page. A very enjoyable read!”

Review of A Beautiful Funeral:
“This intense, beautifully-constructed novel will captivate your heart, take your breath away, and leave you in tears – craving more!
Very few novels manage to take readers on such a vivid, emotionally-charged, stirring journey as A Beautiful Funeral does. McGuire deftly weaves heartwarming family love, adventure, and suspense into a truly unforgettable novel readers will not be able to put down.”

 See below examples of how our book review can be used on your book’s cover:

 See below examples of how our book review can be used on your book’s cover:


We review everything from poetry collections, short stories, children’s books, picture books, novels, comic books/graphic novels and books in fiction and non-fiction genres.

Fiction books we accept include (but are not limited to) books in the genres of romance, erotica, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, historical fiction, adventure, comedy, mystery, horror, thriller, mystery, western, Christian fiction, holiday tales, fairy tales, women’s fiction, YA books, MG books, Anthologies etc.

Non-Fiction books we accept include memoirs/autobiographies, spiritual Christian books, art & photography books, calendars, pet books, diaries, relationship books, as well as travel books.

We do not accept books in the genres of self-help, cooking, instructional how-to books, pornography, Taboo Erotica*, political books, Islam, and academic/educational books.
We also do not accept books containing racial/political/religious hate or pedophilia content.
Audiobooks and foreign language books are currently not accepted.

(*Taboo Erotica usually includes stories about father-daughter sex, brother-sister sex, adults having sex with minors, violence against women, sexual abuse, rape, and other pedophilic fantasies.
Please note, we do accept regular erotica books and steamy romance novels including LGBTQ books.)

We accept
published books, self-published books, upcoming titles, and unpublished manuscripts in the English language written by authors of any nationality and age.

We strongly recommend authors who have published several books in a series to first order a review for their initial book in the series.

“Why Are You Cheaper than Other Services?”

Other editorial book review services such as Kirkus Reviews, RT Reviews, Blue Ink, Indie Publisher etc., charge hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for a book review.

This is mainly because most all of these services write a very long review (which often sounds like a synopsis) telling readers what your story is all about.
They also publish the reviews (whether positive or negative) on their website.
It’s costlier because it takes much longer to write a long book review and also to format a page with the review than to write a professional book cover blurb review.

Their entire business module is based on writing and publishing paid book reviews.
They are commercial review sites.

Unlike our competition, we are a distinguished, contemporary literary magazine.
Our core mission is to bring fine poetry and literature to even the poorest people in any country and to feature talented writers from all over the world.

Providing our editorial book review service is a means to support the existence and growth of our free literary magazine and our free-to-enter writing contests. Hence, you are supporting a noble cause and helping fellow writers.

Unlike our competitors, we do not publish purchased book reviews on our website.
It is our firm belief that authors should be the ones to decide if and where they wish to publish their review.

Getting a negative review published on a popular review site (which then ranks in Google when someone Googles your book’s title), can severely harm your sales.
Remember, it’s just one editor’s opinion and even if he or she dislikes your book, your readers might love it.

Unlike other editorial review services, we give you the ‘Meat’.
In the end of the day, you only need a short review 1-2 sentences long (or sometimes just a few words are used) for your book cover, praise section, and for your marketing campaigns.

According to the official Amazon Guidelines, editorial reviews should be limited to 1-2 sentences.
Amazon says: “Customers may miss critical information if your reviews are too long.”

Most readers seeking books on Amazon are not going to want to read a 1000 word review.
In fact, statistics show most readers decide within 5 seconds if to buy your book or not.
That’s why all best-sellers feature short, to the point reviews on their covers and sales pages.

Amazon strictly forbids fake, purchased reader reviews.
Never buy fake reader reviews from sites such as or you may get your Amazon account banned.

On the other hand, Editorial book reviews are quite safe and in fact recommended.
Amazon (like all the other booksellers and self-publishing platforms) has a section where you can feature editorial book reviews.

You can also quote our editorial book review in your book’s “about” section and use it in your Amazon book ads.

There’s no need to send us print books.

After completing your purchase, you’ll be sent to a page where you can upload your book in a standard digital/electronic format.

We have a growing team of experienced, professional editors who are adept in analyzing and reviewing books. Upon joining our team, our editors defined in great detail what kind of books they like best.

When you submit your book for review, you’ll need to provide us with some information such as your book’s genre, categories, a short summary etc.

Your book will then be sent to one of our editors who enjoys your particular genre.
The assigned editor will provide you with an honest, unbiased review highlighting the best features of your book.

What some of our authors have to say...

How to Order Your Editorial Book Review

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  2. After payment was completed, you’ll receive an Email containing a link to the page where you can upload your book (in a standard format such as PDF, Word doc, eBook, .ePub, .mobi etc.) for review and provide us some required information about it.
    (If you don’t wish to upload your book, you can give us a link to read it on instead.)
  3. After you fill in the form and submit it, our team will process your order.

What Happens Next?

You will receive your book review within 3-8 weeks.
We will schedule one of our editors to read your book.
Once the editor has read and reviewed your book we’ll send your Book Review to the email address you provided us in the submission form.
(Please make sure to double check you’re giving us your correct email!)

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